Blowdown Heat Recovery System

Flash Economizer

  • Reduces dissolved solids from the top level of water in the boiler.
  • Recovers heat from surface blowdown to heat boiler feed or make-up water.
  • ASME Section VII code-stamped flash separator and coil. 
  • Separator is sized to accommodate a given percent surface blowdown/flow rate from boiler operating pressure to a given vent psig.
  • Coil is sized to accommodate make-up flow rate at between 8 and 18 psig pressure drop.
  • Model Range: HR-39 (3 GPM blowdown/9 GPM make-up) through HR-30150 (30 GPM blowdown/150 GPM make-up).
  • Complete system configured to include: flash separator mounted above and flanged to a stainless steel or copper coil on stainless steel stand with trap, ball valve, gauge glass, safety valve, 3 thermometers and factory piping.
  • Stainless steel striking plate standard.
  • Flash separator flanged to coil section for ease or removal for cleaning.
  • Openings to facilitate cleaning and inspection standard.
  • Options include multiple boiler manifold and mounting of conductivity controller.


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