Boilers for Anaerobic Digesters

Anaerobic digestion systems, which typically produce and utilize methane, can benefit a wide range of industries, including agriculture and municipal waste treatment. But the equipment is specialized and requires extensive knowledge to set up and maintain.  Burnham Commercial can help with customizable boiler solutions for municipalities, farmers, and other businesses looking to take advantage of a digester system.


Stainless-Steel Boilers for Biogas Applications

The use of biogas, or methane, to fuel a boiler comes with a specific set of considerations. For instance, biogas can be highly corrosive, leading to shorter life spans for traditional boilers. Burnham Commercial offers stainless-steel boilers that can significantly increase the longevity of the boiler used in a digester system.


Multi-Fuel Boilers for Digester Systems

Another thing to keep in mind about digester systems is that fuel production is variable. For those times when the system runs out of biogas, you’ll want a multi-fuel boiler that can keep the system going by running on an alternative fuel source.

Digester Boilers Customized for Your System

The custom design services offered by Burnham Commercial give engineers and architects the ultimate freedom to build an anaerobic digester system that’s efficient, cost-effective, and dependable. Our in-house engineers have the knowledge and experience to design you a boiler for your anaerobic digester that performs reliably for tens of thousands of operating hours.

Reliable Biogas Boiler Solutions for Digester Systems

Burnham Commercial boilers are a dependable choice for digester systems thanks, in part, to our innovative, ASME-certified stainless-steel heat exchanger design, stainless-steel options, and customizable burner configurations. We also back up our boilers with extensive warranties and a nationwide service network.

Discover the Options for Your Digester Boiler Today

All of the boilers made by Burnham Commercial are designed and built in America. Professional service and support is provided by the largest network of representatives in the country. These representatives are supported by our customer care and technical teams, so that you always get the level of service you deserve.  To learn more about our customizable boiler systems for anaerobic digester systems, contact us online or call (888) 791-3790 today.


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