Bottom Blowdown Tank

  • Eliminate precipitated solids from the bottom of the boiler.
  • Cools blowdown to 140°F or below before dumping to drain by storing one entire blowdown in a reservoir and using it to cool the next blowdown.
  • ASME Section VIII code-stamped tank.
  • Sized either to accommodate one complete boiler blowdown or to satisfy New Jersey regulations.
  • Model Range: 18″ diameter x 24″ height through 72″ diameter x 92″ height
  • Modular configuration to meet customer requirements includes: tank, legs, gauge glass and pressure gauge.
  • Can be custom configured to meet customer requirements.
  • Stainless steel striking plate standard.
  • Openings to facilitate cleaning and inspection standard.
  • Safety valve and thermometer may be included as options.

New Jersey Regulations for Blowdown Tanks

  • Closed or Pressure Type—A Blowdown Tank subjected to the maximum steam boiler pressure must be constructed for such pressure and stamped with either New Jersey, National Board or ASME Standard.
  • When the blowdown from any steam boiler is disposed in a sewer or other interconnected system, a Blowdown Tank must be placed between the boiler and the sewer or system. • The minimum metal thickness of Blowdown Tanks, whether pressure or atmospheric, must not be less than 5/16″.
  • Atmospheric or Vented Type—The outlet from the Blowdown Tank shall be twice the area of the boiler blowdown pipe and made to extend internally within 6″ from the bottom of the tank.
  • A vent pipe, at least twice the diameter to the inlet, shall lead to the outside atmosphere.
  • Vents shall be as direct as possible to the outside of the atmosphere and discharge at a point not less than seven feet above the adjacent walkway or areas without a valve or other possible obstruction such as a water pocket.
  • General—All Blowdown Tanks, whether of the closed or vented type should be of the following dimensions in relation to the boiler rating, and must have approved openings for cleaning and inspections (see reverse side).


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