Flash Separator

  • Reduces steam pressure or vents process steam directly to atmosphere.
  • Eliminates moisture from process steam (cyclonic spinning mechanism permits the use of smaller tanks to completely separate flash steam from condensate).
  • ASME Section VIII “UE” stamped separator standard up to model BFS-16-56.
  • ASME Section VIII “U” stamped separator standard for models BFS-16-56 and above.
  • Sized to accommodate a given #/hour flow rate of steam from a given source psig to a given vent psig.
  • Model Range: 6″ diameter x 34″ high through 36″ diameter x 108″ high
  • Modular configuration to meet customer requirements include: a flash separator and the following options: trap, check valve, ball valve, safety relief valve and gauge glass.
  • Can be custom configured to meet customer requirements.
  • Stainless steel striking plate standard.
After determining the percent of flash from the chart to the right, determine the size of Flash Separator from the chart on the back. EXAMPLE: Referring back to the chart to the right, you have a 7.6% flash, if you have 30,000 #/hour condensate at 75 PSIG, 2,280 #/hour steam (30,000 x .076). Locate 30,000 in the left column of the chart on the back, go across to 2,280 #/hour flash steam column (3,000). You would use a 56″ high x 18″ diameter Flash Separator with a 3″ draft and 5″ vent.



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