Steel and Cast Iron

Commercial boilers are available in a variety of materials, each with unique benefits for specific applications. As you choose a new boiler, the material it’s made with helps determine the best option for your requirements. To serve the needs of our clients, Burnham Commercial Boilers offers steel and cast-iron equipment. Like all of our products, our steel, and cast-iron solutions are made in the United States and boast dependability, quality, and efficiency you can depend on for years to come.


Benefits of Steel

Commonly used in schools, industrial settings, residential spaces, and more, steel boilers tend to be lighter in weight and lower in cost than their cast-iron counterparts. Boasting 10- to 20-year service lives, steel units are temperature-shock resistant and easy to weld into complex shapes. At Burnham Commercial, our steel units are highly customizable, so you can be confident that your order will achieve a proper fit for fast, efficient installation.

Benefits of Cast Iron

Cast-iron boilers are often a top choice for the military, government institutions, and other applications that require rugged strength. These boilers are known for their heavy-duty build and long service lives, often extending up to 50 years on average. Many models achieve this long duty period thanks to thick heat exchanger walls and a corrosion-resistant design that wards of rust and deterioration. Due to their size and weight, cast-iron units are often created in sections to simplify installation.

Steel and Cast-Iron Offerings from Burnham Commercial Boilers

Burnham Commercial Boilers offers a range of steel and cast-iron equipment, including atmospheric, high-efficiency, and forced-draft boilers. To learn more about specific models and materials, browse our material-by-series product breakdown, which includes the following product families:

  • Steel boilers: Series 3, 4FH, 4FH-50, 4N, 4S, and C, 4NL-W BioMass-Wood, 4NP BioMass-Wood, and 4NP Coal
  • Cast-iron boilers: Series 5B, MPC, V9A, and V11

We encourage you to contact a sales rep to learn more about our steel and cast-iron solutions.

Unrivaled Quality

As a leading designer, manufacturer, and assembler of commercial heating equipment, Burnham Commercial Boilers takes pride in our production of high-quality steel and cast-iron boilers. Our products are designed and tested by skilled in-house engineering and research and development teams, who use time-tested methods and the latest technologies to create innovative equipment you can depend on.

Contact Us Today

Choosing a new boiler is a substantial investment, and Burnham Commercial Boilers is committed to helping every client find the best solutions for their exact specifications and demands. To learn more about our full selection of steel and cast-iron boilers, contact us online or call (888) 791-3790 to speak with a representative. Ready to get started right away? Request a quote now.


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