Water Softener Systems

Steel Tanks

  • Exchanges “soft” sodium ions for “hard calcium and magnesium ions.
  • BS—Model Range: 30-3/4 through BS-1200-3, twin or single (30,000 grain at 8 GPM through 1,200,000 grain at 280 GPM).
  • Available in alternating “twin” configuration with flow meter and VIP computer demand controller or “single” configuration with time clock regeneration. Alternating twin system may be run in parallel twin mode.
  • Modular configuration to meet customer requirements for alternating system includes: resin tanks, resin, gravel, brine tank, control valve, blocking valves, flow meter and VIP computer demand controller.
  • VIP computer demand controller standard.
  • BS—Resin Tanks: Steel “polybond” lined and primed, pressure-tested to 100 psig, non-code stamped (code stamped resin tanks available).
  • BP—Resin Tanks: Fiberglass reinforced polyester, pressure-tested, non-code stamped (code stamped resin tanks NOT available).
  • Provided with industry standard 30,000 grain per cubic foot resin.
  • Fleck control valve standard.
  • BS—Skid mounting (pre-piped/pre-wired) available as option.
  • BP—Skid mounting NOT available.


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